At T. Rowe Price, we believe delivering strong client results in global fixed income requires a rigorous active investment process coupled with significant experience and resources.

With over 50 years experience of fixed income investing globally, AUD$340.6 billion* in assets and over 200 dedicated fixed income investment professionals, T. Rowe Price is your global fixed income expert.

*Firmwide AUM includes assets managed by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and its investment advisory affiliates. 

True active

Through a disciplined and risk aware approach our fixed income analysts and portfolio managers have the latitude to deploy their knowledge and skills to create long-term value.

A world-class global research platform

Our research platform, including over 320 analysts across fixed income, equity, ESG and multi-asset, combines top-down and bottom up analysis; feeding invaluable insights to over 200 fixed income investment professionals around the world.

A highly
collaborative culture

We collaborate across regions, sectors and disciplines. Investment professionals across the entire organization share insights, enabling us to evaluate issuers from all angles and bring broader and deeper insights to our clients.

Risk management

We assess risk at every step in the investment process and at both the portfolio and position level. ESG considerations are integrated using our proprietary Responsible Investing Indicator Model.

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Responsible investing at T. Rowe Price
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Integrating ESG considerations into our fundamental research has helped the firm identify well-managed companies that are leaders in their industries, more forward-thinking, better at anticipating and mitigating risk, and focused on the long term.
Bill Stromberg, CEO

T. Rowe Price earned an A+ rating across all 7 categories in the 2020 Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assessment report. A signatory of the United Nations-supported PRI since 2010, we have held a strong commitment to the principles as we have integrated ESG into our equity and fixed income fundamental research over time.

*PRI is not affiliated with T. Rowe Price. For reference, please refer to the PRI assessment methodology and the T. Rowe Price Transparency Report.

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A world-class research platform

The critical information edge from being connected to over 700 fixed income and equity investment professionals.